I landed in Timisoara on Wednesday afternoon...

It was a very smooth and enjoyable flight, which I am always grateful. I was looking forward to escaping from the endless rain that we have been experiencing in Greenville. When I stepped off the plane, I discovered the rain had followed me to Romania.  

Sam was unable to pick me up from the airport because he was working with a missionary team from Texas at the House of Joy in Susani. Before I left for Romania I messaged my friend Daniel, who lives in Timisoara to let him know that I would be there for several days during my trip. He told me that his house was close to the airport and offered to give me a ride if needed. When I cleared customs, he was there waiting for me and it was his day off, so we were able to spend the afternoon hanging out in the city. It was a cold and rainy day, so it felt like I never left home. 

I have made a few friends at local businesses during the time that I have spent in Romania. As Daniel and I were walking to get lunch, we passed by Typica Specialty Coffee, my favorite coffee shop. I have become friends with the owner and all the people that work there. I stopped in to say hello before we went to lunch.

Though it may be hard to believe, there is a fantastic authentic Mexican restaurant in Timisoara. The owner’s name is Edwin. He and I became friends because I ate there a few times during my trip last September. Daniel had never eaten there, so I thought it would be a perfect place for lunch.

After lunch, Daniel and I met up with his girlfriend and another one of their friends for coffee. I have come to enjoy the quality of coffee in Romania thoroughly. When we left the coffee shop, Daniel dropped me off at the place where I stay while I am in Timisoara. While waiting for Sam to get into the city, I settled in and unpacked. 

It was a wonderful first day in Romania! I was able to reconnect with friends and to make some new ones. After a long travel day, it was the restful day that I needed to help me prepare for the work in the coming days.