The Vision

1. The prison will have a consistent weekly Gospel presence.

Currently there are 190 boys and 20 girls in the prison and they have limited access to the Gospel. There are some Romanian Christians that have a heart for ministering to the boys and girls but are limited in the amount of time that they can spend in the prison. Many of the boys have responded positively to the Gospel and some have even responded in repentance and have received salvation by grace through faith, but they do not have sufficient discipleship available to them. We will be able to go into the prison on a weekly basis and disciple the new converts and continue to evangelize those who are lost.

2. The prison will be a launching pad for church planting across Romania.

The boys and girls come from all over Romania. As we build relationships with the prisoners, we will find out what areas they are from and attempt to reach out to their families. By making partnerships with other Romanian Christians and missionaries that live in the same areas, we will connect the prisoners’ families with a local body of believers. If there is not a good Bible teaching church where they live, the families of the prisoners have potential to become new church plants.

3. We will create a sustainable infrastructure so that the ministry will continue after we leave.

This process will require multiple partnerships with other Christians throughout Romania and in the United States. We will build strong relationships with Gospel centric churches that we can trust to continue investing in the young converts and their families after the prisoners are home. We will also connect with other missionaries that may be living in different areas of Romania. It is essential to keep the new converts connected to a local church body that will continue to love them and invest in their spiritual growth.
The second aspect of this goal is to find someone to continue the ministry in the prison when we are gone. We are and will be continually and prayerfully seeking out a Romanian National that God will lead to partner with us and continue the ministry after we have left. In order for the ministry to continue after we leave, there will have to be continual financial support coming from American Christians and churches.