The Need

In the town of Buziaș, Timiș, România, there is a Juvenile Reeducation Center for boys and girls who have committed serious crimes. The primary function of this prison is to successfully integrate its occupants back into society through education and through teaching the importance of being good and productive citizens. It is truly a spiritually and emotionally dark place.
Many of these boys and girls have been abandoned by their families and have lived extraordinarily hard lives. They hardly have any concept of what it is like to be loved. These boys and girls are in desperate need of being introduced to Christ and His message of love and hope.
There is a great need for a consistent Gospel presence. On our trip to Romania in March of 2016, we were able to share the Gospel with over one hundred prisoners. Twenty five of them responded in repentance to the Gospel for the first time. This is an incredible work of our great God! The problem is that we had to leave the new converts in this dark place with very little discipleship. There is a great need for weekly discipleship and a continual sharing of the Gospel to those that are lost.